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A $250 contribution will help cover the expenses of watering a block of flower baskets. Your support is critical to keeping them lush and healthy. We do not get any assistance from the city. The watering is a 100% LEADS activity. Help us and we’ll be sure to celebrate your support with a listing here!

Water-A-Block Now


2022 Appeal • Updated June 2023

  • Caroline Nunan Hill

The Watering Story

When we began in 2000, there were fewer than 50 baskets to water. The city donated a used truck, which we equipped with a tank and pump, and two LEADS volunteers. The next year we hired one man to water the baskets. In year three we hired two school teachers to help over the summer.

After lots of research, we bought a John Deere Gator with funds donated by downtown businesses. We hire an independent contractor waterer each season to keep our lovely baskets alive. Without the 7-day-a-week watering plan we wouldn’t have such a beautiful business district.