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LEADS is a 99% Volunteer Organization

One reason LEADS has been able to control our costs is because it’s virtually a volunteer effort. Beyond the flowers, garlands, lights we must purchase, about the only paid service is the person who waters the flower baskets. They are hung and taken down by board members and students enlisted from the Lancaster Academy, McCaskey, and Manos House. Friends such as Faye DeBerdine, Harry & Joan Worth, Dennis Klos, and Gary Hufford also show up to help. Board members help “pro bono” with our literature and website, while volunteers often handle mailings and other tasks. A committed group of city-loving folks make it all happen.

You can also support our programs with a monetary contribution. Fuel for the watering ATV, replacement of tires, new custom-made brackets are just a few of the items we must purchase to keep the LEADS initiatives healthy. Your monetary contributions help keep us running – literally.

Consider supporting us as a Friend ($25-$99), a Partner ($100-$499), a LEADer ($500-$999) and/or a Benefactor ($1,000 and above). Your gift, at any level, is very much appreciated.

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“We are so fortunate to live in a place where there are such dedicated citizens who recognize the importance of making our city beautiful. The work of LEADS enhances the experience of Lancaster for those of us who live here and for those who visit. Seeing the baskets magically appear around downtown in the spring makes me giddy with delight. Thanks to all of you who make this happen.”

Jessica Mailhot

Former Central Market Manager

Benefactor – $1,000+

2022 Appeal • Updated May 2023

“The High Companies have been actively supporting the revitalization of downtown Lancaster for many years. While our business is in helping to create sustainable economic development, the LEADS volunteers are doing the equally important job of making our city streets more appealing and fun to be on. Our hats are off to them!  They certainly deserve the support of everyone who cares about our fine city.”

Nevin D. Cooley

CEO, The High Companies

“I adopt a LEADS flower basket for two different reasons. One is to keep our city beautiful. The other is to honor my wife’s memory. More people will see the plaque on the flower basket downtown than read her tombstone at the cemetery!”

Dr. Paul Ripple

Partner – $100–$499

2022 Appeal • Updated May 2023

  • Andriana & Ed Drogaris
  • Barbara Maley
  • Bertz Hess & Co., LLP
  • Bill Beyer and Leslie Gorbey
  • Brad & Anthony
  • Bruce Martin & John Haney
  • Catherine Herneisen
  • Christopher Stetler
  • Clint Rider
  • Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc.
  • Dale Schneider
  • Darlene Walker
  • Deidre W. Simmons
  • Dennis & Betty Jo Grimm
  • Eric & Anita Parker
  • Gene & Tanis Shaw
  • Glenna Eshleman
  • Hagai & Sarah Nassau
  • Henry Family
  • J. Richard and Gail Gray
  • Jean Lintner
  • Jeffrey LeFevre
  • Jess & Duff May
  • John Raezer
“The beautiful flower baskets that LEADS provide are a direct reflection of the emerging progress, love, and pride of our city. Thank you, LEADS!”

Kathy Frey

Owner, Festoon

Friend – $25–$99

2022 Appeal • Updated May 2023

  • Allan Eustis
  • Amber Strazzo
  • Candace Roper
  • Carole Kirchner
  • Cheri Work
  • Cheryl Kreider
  • Clair McCormick
  • Damon Myers & Efrem Magtagnob
  • Daniel Armstrong
  • Dr. & Mrs. William Gardner
  • Elizabeth Andes
  • Eric Garman
  • Hammel Associates Architects
  • Hayley Foley
  • Hillary Grant
  • J. Michael Lutz
  • Jackie Wilson
  • Jean Sharf
  • Jenni Leister & Yousaf Chaman
  • Jeremy & Kirsten Weiss
  • Jim & Carol Feister
  • John Esbenshade
  • Jon Johnson & Charlie Maser
  • Judith & Donald Harrod
  • Karissa Sauder
  • Kenneth A Twiford
  • Larry & Lori Ciarrocca
  • Lin Rengier
  • Linda Esbenshade
  • Linda Leaman & Jim Kearney
  • Mark Reinmiller
  • Marlene Arnold
  • Michelle Spitko
  • Nancy Henry
  • Nancy Warshawsky
  • Natalie Lascek
  • Patricia Brogan
  • Randy & Phyllis Patterson
  • Robyn Kokus
  • Sandra Frey
  • Sean Post
  • Stacey Kubis
  • Stacie Reidenbaugh
  • Steve Cody
  • Susan Dyson
  • Susan Shearer
  • Telltale Dress
  • Teri Butson
  • The Patton Family
  • Tracy and Andy Cutler
  • Tracy Daniels
  • Valerie Schucker
  • Wayne Groff
  • William Groff
  • William Sloyer
  • Wyatt Behringer
“The LEADS flower baskets not only beautify the city all summer, they give us a chance to personalize them with a plaque. I adopt a basket to honor the memory of my deceased wife. She designed the logo and menus for the Lancaster Dispensing Company and loved Central Market, so I adopt a basket just outside the restaurant. Occasionally, I’ll receive a phone call from friends who’ve seen the plaque and ask how they can donate funds or adopt a basket.”

Jim Chryst