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Help us make Lancaster beautiful!

Thanks to LEADS and donations from everyday citizens like you, the streets of Downtown Lancaster bloom with flowers every spring and summer.

For six glorious months — from May to October — beautiful flower baskets hanging from 300 lampposts beckon residents and visitors to our one-of-a-kind shops, top-notch restaurants, and historic charm.

Your $100 gift will adopt a flower basket, providing you an opportunity to celebrate a friend or loved one, or honor Mother’s Day, Dad’s Day or your pup’s birthday. Personalized tags, naming you or your honoree will be hung from each basket. You will receive a note letting you know the location of your basket.

As you may know, LEADS is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to make Lancaster a more beautiful place to live, work and visit. And we do all of it with donations from the community.

Your basket adoption helps offset the cost of the flowering project, but there’s much more to the process. The baskets must be watered and fertilized seven days a week. That alone costs an additional $15,000 annually. So we ask you to also consider making a donation to the watering and upkeep of these spectacular baskets.

We hope you are able to join our budding list of contributors and help LEADS in making Downtown Lancaster beautiful.

Adopt-A-Basket Now
“I am happy to support this wonderful organization as my mom grew up in Lancaster City and sponsoring hanging baskets is a great way to honor my mom who loved Lancaster and her family.”

Theresa Stoltzfus

Former co-owner, Mise en Place Kitchen Store


2023 Adoptions • Updated August 18, 2023

David Aichele
Jane Appleyard
Pierce Atwater
Katherine M P Baeth
Ronald Barton Hair Styling
James Baumgartner
Stephen & Susan Becker
Bertz Hess & Co LLP
Joan Boben
Julia Bongiovanni
Linda & Sam Bressi
Diane Topakian & Patricia Brogan
Nina Brown
Building Character | Madcap & Co. | Lucky Mfg. Co.
Bret Calderwood
Connie Callman
Gerryanne Cauler
Dana Chryst
Diane Ciro
Bill & Pat Cluley
Lisa Colon
Rose Cook
Denise Cope
Margaret Cross
Faye DeBerdine
Decades Lancaster
Lauren Deck
Donna Deeter
Demuth Foundation & Museum
Patrice Dixon
Randy Doan
Miriah Eliasson
Andy & Lisa Esbenshade
Linda Esbenshade
Glenna Eshleman
Allan Eustis
David Feight
FIG Industries
Sarah Young Fisher
Ellen Flick
Karen & Ronald Flick
Alex & Margaret Folk
Scott Frick
Judith Fulton
Anne Gardner
John & Robin Geiser
Rebecca Gentry
Kathryn Gerhart
Constantine Gianopoulos
Carol Gifford
Michael Gillespie
Chris Goodling
Robert Gottlieb
Susan Gottlieb
Bobby Graybill
Dennis & Betty Jo Grimm
Michael & Penny Grubic
Nancy Hamme
Judith & Donald Harrod
Wayne Heim
Henrietta Heisler Interiors Inc.
Dave & Allison Henneman
Bill & Nancy Henry
Joel & Shawna Henry
Heritage Press Museum
Elizabeth Herr
Cindy Heslin
Wendy Hess
John M Higgs
Caroline Nunan Hill
Paul & Caroline Hoffer
Bridget Holden
Tonya Hollinger
Laura Horn
Appel, Yost & Zee LLP
Kenneth & Suzanne Howard
J. A. Sharp Custom Jeweler Inc.
Chris Jachimowicz
Paula Jackson
Jayne Jazwinski
James Johnson
Jessica Kautz
Amanda Keeler
Ken’s Gardens / Gallery Grow
Nancy Kenneff
Kim’s Custom Cleaners Inc
Jerry & Karyn King
Jeff & Kathy Kirk
Cathy Koller
Robert & Roberta Krewson
Stacey & Patrick Kubis
Edward Kurek
Dave & Holly Kutz
Vickie Kutz
Lancaster Barnstormers
Lancaster County Garden Club
Lancaster Historic Walking Tour
Stephanie Shertzer Lawson & Jeff LeFevre

Susan & Gary Leinberger
Doug Levering
Lynn Liddell
Lori & David Longenecker
Nelson & Dani Longenecker
Jim & Marcie Mack
John Haney & Bruce Martin
Cliff & Shirley Mast
Duff & Jessica May
Anne McGrann
John & Mara McGrann
Gary McMullen
Diane McNelis
Clark McSparren Jr.
Abigail Messick
MK Architects
Joby Miller
Ann Moore
Nikki Moore
Arthur Morris
Jason Mundok
Rebecca & Tyler Musselman
Jayne Mutter
Efrem Magtagnob & Damon Myers
NAI Commercial Partners Inc.
Hagai & Sarah Nassau
National Novelty Brush Company
On Orange
Randy & Phyllis Patterson
Sherran Payne
Timothy Peters
Woody & Lisa Peters
Carl & Ellen Pike
Prince Street Café
Proof of Lancaster
Pyfer, Reese, Straub, Gray & Farhat PC
Sherry & Scott Qualls
Victor Ramos
Red Raven Art Co.
Stephen & Angie Renaldo
Angela Flouras Rieck
Karen Risser
Linda Ross
Joellen Rowe
Abby Rudisill
Thomas & Georgina Russo
Safe & Sound Properties
Rebecca Sahd
Patrice Sauders
Dale Schneider
Sally Ann & Thomas Schneider
Robert Schroeder
Doug Seitz
Abigail Shaw
Rick & Linda Sheetz
Charles Shelhamer
Paul & Sharon Sherban
Deidre & Bill Simmons
Stacie Skelly
Stephane Smith
Debbie Smithgall
Paul Gibbs & Marshall Snively
Charles F Snyder Funeral Home
Jill Snyder
Cathy Speitel
Heather & Bill Spire
Kimberly Sracic
Kathlene Sullivan
Telltale Dress
M Paul Torchia
Town & Country Garden Club of Lancaster
Trout CPA
Sara Tuscher
Kenneth Twiford
Two Dudes Painting Company
Glenn & Emily Vasey
John & Darlene Walker
Bruce Walton
Paul & Judy Ware
The Ware Center
Tony & Susan Warfield
Nancy Warshawsky
Douglas & Linda Weidman
Megan Weiss
Rachel Williams
Barry & Jackie Wilson
Steven Wilson
Harry & Joan Wirth
Women’s Garden Club of Lancaster County
Garrett Woznicki
Laura & Andrew Xentaras
Nancy Yoder
Zanzibar Romancing Your Senses
Ed Zellers
James Zink