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Putting the Twinkle into the Holidays

Thanks to LEADS and donations from everyday citizens like you, the streets of Downtown Lancaster bloom with flowers every spring and summer.

Just after Thanksgiving each year, while Tuba Christmas sounds carol throughout Penn Square, the Christmas tree is lit by the mayor and a switch is thrown lighting wreaths, garlands and snowflakes adorning the downtown lampposts.  Our city is dressed for the holidays and ready to welcome residents and visitors into our shops and restaurants!

It seems to happen in an instant, but hours upon hours of volunteer labor and thousands of dollars are required to accomplish the task of bringing the Christmas season to Lancaster’s downtown.

LEADS purchases the tree decorations and the lights, garlands, wreaths and bows that are used on all of the lampposts.  Throughout the year LEADS board members and community volunteers and organizations spend hundreds of hours checking lights and refurbishing decorations so that they’re ready for the city workers to hang in early November.

Your $50 gift will help to support our holiday decorations. New decorations and lights are needed each year, some to replace old and some to add sparkle in new areas of the city. The advent of new light poles requires the purchase of more of these festive decorations as well. Your support keeps the lights twinkling. Join our illuminating group and be listed here.

Light-A-Pole Now
“The LEADS flower baskets and holiday decorations make a considerable difference in the beauty of downtown Lancaster. We are lucky to have a volunteer organization devoted to this effort. Thank you LEADS.”

TMoirajeanne Fitzgerald

Former owner, From Here to Timbuktu


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